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OGO Composting Toilet

OGO Composting Toilet

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OGO™ Compost Toilet design offers seamless separate liquid and solid waste. Made by hand in the USA, we have given the compost toilet a NEW LOOK. Waterless and energy efficient, OGO™ provides the most features to ensure an easy transition to GOING OFF GRID. OGO™ allows for 25-30 uses before emptying the urine bottle or solids bin. Polypropylene Calcium Fill exterior, and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for the interior.  OGO™ Compost Toilet has durable pieces and parts, creating a product built to last.

How it works (Solids):

Mix your medium, we highly recommend Coco Coir by OGO™, in your solids bin. Mix with water and “fluff,” check your manual for details. Open the trap door by pulling straight on the pull handle; close using the same motion. Toilet paper can be discarded in the solids bin, we suggest single ply or biodegradable to prevent clumping. Press the button on the side and walk away. OGO™ will get to work, starting the compost process.

How it works (Urine):

OGO™ may look different, but with one of the largest urine bottle capacities and custom engineered bowl seats, we offer an easy to use product. Sit towards the back of the seat and relax. Our urine diversion technology helps keep the liquid waste contained. Refer to your manual for full details.

Install – Vent: 

You could use any exterior vent such as our Shell Vent (with an 1-1/4″ PVC pipe) to allow air to exhaust outside, each unit comes with 5-foot hose and a swivel vent to ensure it can be vented with any build. We can also offer custom hose lengths upon request. OGO™’s fan pulls moisture and odor from inside the toilet and pushes outside. We also offer Charcoal Filters which can vent solution without pipes or hoses!

Install – Power: 

OGO™ works on a 12V system. It comes with a power cable that you can plug into the power jack (back corner next to the venting T-Bar). The cable has two open leads where one end is marked positive. Plug your positive wire into the positive of your 12V system and the negative wire into your negative. If you have access to 110V (normal wall outlet) then you can purchase a power adapter such as the one on our website.

Install – Mounting:

Open your OGO™, remove the solids bin, drawer, and urine bottle. Use the four stainless steel screws included with each unit to fasten to any flooring, or base.

Wet Baths-

OGO™ works for wet baths, you will have to cover the top of the toilet, we suggest a plastic bag. We also recommend that you install at the highest point in the shower or on a raised ledge. Water may collect towards the bottom. 

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